Doctoral Student

2003 B.A., Special Education, Ewha Womans University
2003 B.A., English Education, Ewha Womans University
2006 Master of Speech-Language Pathology, Ewha Womans University

2016 Au.D. Audiology, University of Kansas

Jeong-Seo is a PhD student in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. She was a speech pathologist in Korea and moved to Kansas in 2012 where she earned a clinical doctorate in Audiology. She moved to Iowa in the Fall of 2016 to begin working on her PhD with Professors Abbas and Brown. Her research interests involve exploring novel ways to use electrophysiological measures to characterize the status of the auditory periphery, help with differential diagnosis, and predict performance of cochlear implant users. Besides work and study, she is an avid coffee drinker, loves mountain hiking, and occasionally daydreaming about relaxing and sipping a good coffee on her journey to Patagonia and Scandinavia to see the northern lights.